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the globalisation-critical film festival

The globale Team is a group of over 30 persons working together in the organisation of the first movie festival critical about globalisation showing in Germany. During a week full-of-events, films from all over the world are shown in the theatres ACUD and Central. These are films that clarify ramifications, point out injustice and make responsibilities visible. They tell stories how neo-liberal globalisation influences the life and work in the village nearby as well on the other side of the globe, and ask questions about the interdependencies of production and consumption, power and resistance, hunger and luxury, international organisations and globally operating enterprises.

globale uses the means of the cinema to raise the themes of the movements critic to globalisation. It points out the world wide conditions of life and labour, migration, the exploitation of the environment, the suppression of women, the global commerce, the internationally organised production methods, the WTO, the IMF, and the actors and their activities critical of globalisation.

globale is not just a festival presenting films rarely shown: Discussions with moviemakers, experts and activists are an important part of the festival. A cultural program with exhibitions and concerts is surrounding the event. The group is also organising different actions through the year (screenings, workshops, lectures…). After Berlin, globale05 will tour through 6 other cities in Germany.

organisers: globale Team, ACUD, Central
cooperation: attac-Berlin, Flüchtlingsinitiative Brandenburg, laborB*, Hans-Böckler Stiftung, Indymedia, FDCL e.V.

more information: www.globale-filmfestival.de

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