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Martin Ebner and Katja Eydel presenting A-CLIP

Laura Schleussner from Rocket Shop

François Bucher and Luis F Pons

Video, Broadcasting, and Activism on the Internet

1st - 6th of october 2005, at the BERLINER KUNSTSALON
organized by Rocket Shop and barriochannel.TV


A-CLIP, François Bucher, kanalB , Pirate Cinema, Ira Schneider, Willoughby Sharp, Erik Smith, V2V

Has video finally arrived as a publicly accessible, free, and independent media? With increasing bandwidth, streamed video and downloadable films are overtaking the Internet. Is the moving image and the means of media production now in the hands of the people, as envisioned by the pioneers of video art and artist-run broadcasting projects in the 1960s and 1970s? How does the Internet function as an alternative to traditional mainstream media i.e., television?

Invited artists and projects will to present their work as a reflection on these questions. Emphasis is placed on documentary video material and the dual function of the Internet as both an archival source and a broadcasting medium. In an interview Ira Schneider and Willoughby Sharp will show the video "Who Killed Heinrich Hertz" and discuss artist-initiated broadcasting projects, such the "The Willoughby Sharp Show", from the pre-Internet era. kanalB, Pirate Cinema, and V2V discuss open source strategies, copyright issues, and the political use Internet video as an alternative to mainstream commercial media. François Bucher and Erik Smith talk about their respective work that raises different questions about the organization and availability of video material on the Internet, and Ariane Müller presents the A-CLIP Internet archive of interventions in the cinematic space of the movie trailer.

Organized by Luis F. Pons (barriochannel.TV) and Laura Schleussner (Rocket Shop)


Saturday, Oct. 1 7:00 pm
François Bucher and kanalB

Monday, Oct. 3 7:00 pm
Ira Schneider|Willoughby Sharp and A-CLIP

Thursday, Oct. 6 6:00 pm
Erik Smith, Pirate Cinema, and V2V

in MAGAZIN + Glashaus in the arena-Berlin
Eichenstr. 4 | 12435 Berlin
Telephone: 0049 - 30 - 944 08 660





The A-CLIP site presents an overview of "micro interventions" in cinematic space. A-CLIP videos – a range of subjective artistic and political statements – are inserted into the advertising trailers that precede films in movie theatres, yet the Internet site functions as its own exiciting platform for video and film.

François Bucher

The work François Bucher, winner of the 2004 Werkleitz prize, involves a critical examination of television and film. Featuring prominent thinkers and critics, Television (an address) is an ongoing series of observations on the act of watching television and is featured in an online-archive. His recent video A Portrait of America as a Young Empire in its Own Words uses footage downloaded from the Prelinger Archives, an (not only) online archive of post WW II commercial and educational film from the United States


kanalB is an online political video-activism platform that presents reports on events ignored by mainstream media. in addition to producing a video magazine. As an open platform, their motto is: Do It Yourself! See: www.kanalb.de.

Pirate Cinema

Pirate Cinema does weekly screenings of mainstream and obscure videos and films downloaded from the Internet. Pirate Cinema is an effort to combat the "War on Piracy"

Ira Schneider + Willoughby Sharp

Ira Schneider is one of the pioneers of video and television as an artistic medium. One of the founders of the video magazine "Radical Software", he describes his work as "information collage". Works, such as "Wipe Cycle", "Time Zones", and "Datenraum Deutschland" explored early on the instant and global eye of the video camera, which is now so predominant on the Internet.
Along with conducting numerous video interviews with artists, such as Joseph Beuys, Willoughby Sharp directed and produced "The Willoughby Sharp Show" and "Clips", a documentary look at the cultural scene of downtown New York that was broadcasted on Manhattan Cable Television.

Erik Smith

Erik Smith recently exhibited his photo installtion "Paris Hilton, Beirut Hilton" at the Kapinos gallery in Berlin. The work juxtaposes excerpts from the infamous Paris Hilton tape (intially distributed on P2P forums) with footage of the destruction of the war-torn Hilton in Beirut. The work is inspired by Google-based Internet searches.

V2V | video syndication network

V2V is a blog and video platform that presents a range of video postings. It uses only open source software in order to provide free and equal access to a video source and provides instructions for users so that they can watch video on any operating system.

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