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NOT COVERED: A view to counter-publics today.

NOT COVERED brings together international independent projects using new media technologies to create “own” public spheres. Activists and platforms that work in very different social and cultural contexts will discuss the contemporary notion of counter-publics. What are the particular conditions for the construction of (counter-) publics by use of own distribution channels and communication structures? In our fragmented public sphere, what does the concept of counter-publics exactly mean?

We often speak of the media as if it were the public sphere itself. In NOT COVERED we will try to analyze reasons and consequences of such pre-given notions. What is the position of media in the social and cultural structure? What are the perspectives today? Which role can grassroots networks play in this structure and what is their relation to media-empires?

Jole Wilcke, Oliver Lerone Schultz (laborB*) and Karin Kasböck (bankleer)

Jole Wilcke, coorganizer of Not Covered

Sun-Ju Choi and Luis F Pons (barriochannel.tv)

Sylvain (Cine Rebelde), Gabi Kellmann (hybrid video tracks) and Sun-Ju Choi (Kanak TV)


Friday, 10.03.2006
16:00-19:30 h

bankleer . (Christoph Leitner and Karin Kasböck, Berlin). Artists and video activists. www.bankleer.org
Cine Rebelde (Freiburg): Media collective. www.cinerebelde.org
Daniel García Andújar (Valencia): Artist and media activist. Initiator of www.e-valencia.org and www.e-barcelona.org
Gabi Kellmann, hybrid video tracks (Berlin): Video group. www.hybridvideotracks.org
Indymedia (operates world wide) : www.de.indymedia.org
Kanak TV (Cologne/Berlin): Video activists. www.kanak-tv.de
laborB* (Berlin): Laboratory for a future public sphere of/for „global labor“. www.laborb.org

19:30-21:00 h: Vlogs – a chance for alternative video-Information on the Internet? Introduction: Init (lotec/so36.net) and Lorenz (Medienkombinat Berlin). Discussion with members of freundeskreis videoclips.

Saturday, 11.03.2006
16:00-21:00 h

Gabi Kellmann, hybrid video tracks (Berlin): Video group. www.hybridvideotracks.org
Normale (Vienna): itinerant Film Festival showing documentary films about social, economical and political issues (2003 Hallein, 2004 Linz,2005 Graz, 2006 Vienna) www.normale.at
Offener Kanal Berlin : the open tv channel Berlin www.okb.de
Off-Filmtage. Film Festival (Potsdam): www.off-filmtage-potsdam.de
One World Berlin : Human rights film festival. www.oneworld-fest.de
Toni Serra. Observatory Archives OVNI (Barcelona): media archives and film festival. www.desorg.org

21:00 h
Open screening video activists

At the Gallery of ACUD Kunstverein, Berlin.
Coordination: Luis F. Pons ( www.barriochannel.tv ) and Jole Wilcke (www.un-wetter.net)


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