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CC vs. DB
a project by Julio César Palacio, Jasmina Llobet and Luis F. Pons

CC vs. DB is an artistic statement in which three visual artists use media computer music developments to create a music band. Our intention consists of being mainstream for a short time creating electro music without much knowledge of harmony or composition. The songs mix sounds and music samplers from Internet, interactive CD ROMs and other sound materials… just making it enjoyable for people to dance. The band has already made several live concerts. The Shows of the Band consist in the CD base music and live mixes and voices by the group members. The Show is complemented with video screenings of ninja and Bruce Lee movies, dance choreographies, Soap bubbles, moustaches (guys) and wigs (girls). The Group, formed by Jasmina Llobet, Julio Palacio and Luis Fernández, have played at various parties and openings in the Berlin University for the Arts, AKUD benefit party against racism…

CC vs. DB

>> Track 01.mp3

>> Track 02.mp3

>> Track 03.mp3

>> Track 04.mp3

>> Track 05.mp3

>> Track 06.mp3

>> Track 07.mp3

first demo-cover, pekín connection, 2003


Luis Pons and Julio C Palacio


Jasmina Llobet and Javier Galán


CC vs. DB in concert




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