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Kreuzberg is a neighborhood of Berlin where the most brutal examples of political and social unrest have been demonstrated: wild urban plans, immigration, confrontation with the police, building demolitions, squats. Kreuzberg has the highest rates of unemployment and poverty, but also of self-organisation and social self-financed initiatives.

I organised a Sightseeing Tour of Kreuzberg, a neighbourhood where there are no typical tourist attractions. The guide explained the history of the different places (Kotbusser Tor square, Tempelhof airport, Hermannplatz square…), about the lifestyle in this neighbourhood, and about important (and not so important) historical episodes.

No typical tourist locations are visited in this tour; rather the attraction and unique appeal is in the direct contact with a real place and its real history. My intent is to focus on the social structure, the liveliness and diversity of cultures in Kreuzberg.

Stillframes from the documentation video of the tour
Video, 22:32 min

Installation view

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